5 Safety Tips When Inspecting Your Home’s Roof

Everybody knows working on the roof can be dangerous. But how many people really have the tools and the knowledge to work up there safely? Fortunately, Spencer Claeys has put together this informative YouTube video to help. Be sure to watch, and read on to learn five ways to stay safe when inspecting your roof:

Video Source

  1. Have the Right Safety Equipment – You will need a quality ladder, proper shoes, and other securement gear depending on the size and slope of your roof. You may also need a harness and safety lines, especially when working above the first story of your home.
  2. Wear the Right Footwear – Your shoes should be comfortable, sturdy, and have a sufficient level of grip to them. Specialized shoes may be needed when working under strained conditions. Most importantly, they should fit snugly and provide secure traction.
  3. Place Your Ladder Properly – This may be the most important piece of roof inspection safety equipment. Your ladder should be sturdy, in good condition, clean, and professional grade. When you place it, it should be level and planted on a surface that will not shift or give.
  4. Clear the Area – No one should be in or near your work area. Children and pets especially should not be in the area. You should be confident that your equipment will not be moved.
  5. Understand Environmental Conditions – Finally, know what weather to expect and do not work in rainy, windy, or otherwise hazardous conditions.


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