Signs You May Need Roofing Repairs

According to the video by Ridge Top Exteriors, roofing repairs are crucial to avoiding leaks that can further damage your roof and home.

But how do you know if roofing repairs are needed? Jeff Beck from Ridge op Exteriors offers a rooftop tour of things he looks for when accessing if your roof needs repair.

Jeff explains how the top layer of granular tiles protects the asphalt tiles underneath them. If this top layer experiences granular loss, it fails to protect the asphalt.

Video Source

Asphalt is vulnerable to the elements, so keeping the granular covering in tip-top shape keeps roofing repairs or roofing replacement at bay.

Granular tiles that are damaged look dark in the damaged areas where the granules have been worn away or cracked by wind, sun, and snow. These tiles need to be replaced during roofing repairs. Mr. Beck also points out that face nails that have come up, or uncaulked nails should be pushed back down or replaced with new nails. Then everything should be covered in calking so that rain and snow can’t seep in around the nails. This is especially true around air vents and other rooftop vents.


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