How to Avoid Roof Problems

Every roof eventually needs replacement, but the typical asphalt roof lasts about 15 years. Installed properly, and barring any major storm damage, a homeowner should only need to hire a roofer to complete minor repairs through the years. If your roof has aged and requires replacement, follow the advice in this video to help your new construction roof last longer. The same advice applies to the roof of a new home build.

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After each weather event, walk around the perimeter of your home to check the roof for damage. Hire a roofing professional to repair any damage.

Have a local roofer conduct an inspection each year, so they spot problems in development. Repair these issues immediately.

At the end of the fall, clean off any debris from the roof. Do the same after heavy snow, so the snowpack does not add weight to the roof.

Install roofing gutters and a downspout, so water runs off of the roof and safely into the yard. Add screens to the top of roofing gutters to block leaves and debris from filling these important drainage pipes.

Ask your local roofing professional for any region-specific tips. They see firsthand the problems homeowners most frequently experience and how best to avoid them.

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