The Top Questions to Ask Professional Roofers

In a valuable segment, Tracy Bookman, the owner of Homestead Roofing, imparts crucial insights by presenting five pivotal questions to pose to potential roofers during the selection process. These questions serve as a litmus test to assess the legitimacy and professionalism of roofing contractors.

Firstly, Bookman advises asking for the roofer’s office address, a key factor in gauging their legitimacy.

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Next, potential clients are encouraged to request the contractor license number, ensuring the roofer is licensed in the area and possesses the necessary permits. The third inquiry revolves around workers’ compensation insurance, aiming to shield against potential injuries and liabilities.

A fourth question delves into upfront payments, aligning with Colorado Senate bill 38 regulations. This ensures transparency and compliance with legal standards. Lastly, Bookman suggests inquiring about a satisfaction guarantee, providing clients with protection in case the roofer falls short of expectations.

As a bonus tip, Bookman mentions asking if the roofer can assist with deductible payments. However, he astutely warns viewers about the illegality of such practices in Colorado, showcasing his commitment to guiding homeowners through the intricacies of the roofing selection process. Bookman’s advice equips potential clients with the tools needed to make informed decisions and safeguard their roofing projects.

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