Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

In this video, a roofing expert checks out a leaking rental property’s roof. He says the first thing is to watch out for worn or damaged shingles. The roof on the rental property is in bad shape, and it’s getting too hot and disintegrating. Hail can also crack shingles but the blistering was the likely culprit.

Another red flag is brittle shingles; they’re more likely to crack when you walk on them or try to fix them. The ones on this roof were brittle, probably because they were old.

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Moss can also be a problem because it traps moisture and can lead to rot. The roofing pro says removing moss is vital if you’ve got it on your roof.

Chimneys are a common source of leaks. You might want to remove the chimney altogether if you’re not using your fireplace. The presenter also says that how long your roof lasts depends on the kind of shingles you have. Weather is also a factor. Roof replacement contractors look at the roof installation to see whether everything was done correctly.

A typical asphalt shingle roof should last 15 to 30 years, but a bad installation job could cut that down to 10 years or even less, so choose the right roof replacement contractors. Proper installation – think of it as building a fort with your best friend, ensuring everything’s snug and secure. And don’t forget to show that moss the door. It loves to park its leafy butt on your roof and soak up all the moisture like a sponge hog at a pool party.

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